Bakersfield Artists Active on Country Music Chart

Independent Country Music Charts this week- Smokin Armidillos/ Kim McAbee

Bakersfeild moving up the Independent Charts today!

Smokin’ Armadillos -‘The Other California’ Chartbound &; Kim McAbee’s-‘Stand Still With Me’ #46 moving up the Country Music Charts. Bakersfield has been waiting for the Smokin’ Armadillos to regroup for years and now it is happening, watch for their new single to be out soon.

Kim McAbee has been hard at work promoting her album this year and now the third release and title cut ‘Stand Still With Me’ is out. This is also the debut of a single she co-wrote with Wayne Haun and Producer Ty Herndon.


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Haggard BoxCar Festival

A special interview with Capitol Records great Frank Mull during the ‘Haggard BoxCar Festival’.



‘Always On My Mind’

Kim McAbee performing ‘Always On My Mind’ during Haggard BoxCar Festival April 9, 2017 at the Kern County Museum, Pioneer Village.


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