‘Always On My Mind’

Kim McAbee performing ‘Always On My Mind’ during Haggard BoxCar Festival April 9, 2017 at the Kern County Museum, Pioneer Village.


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Kim McAbee Delivers Daily Inspiration With New Single Stand Still With Me
Posted By Chuck Dauphin on Mar 6, 2017
This world can be rather rough sometimes. There’s sickness, cars can stop running, there can be heatbreak, or simply too much month at the end of the proverbial money. Sometimes, one needs assurance that somehow, in spite of everything, that it’s going to be alright.

Enter the new single “Stand Still With Me” from California songstress Kim McAbee. From the pen of frequent collaborator Ty Herndon, the warm and tender lyrics provide a genteel reminder that things always have a way of working out – sometimes in spite of the odds or the size of the mountains that we see in front of us. God protects us. We just have to keep “fighting the fight.”
Kim McAbee’s inviting vocal performance draws the listener in, providing the right amount of emotion that is buoyed by the artist’s faith. Making the track even more special is the unmistakable harmonies of Ty Herndon. If you ever find yourself in the middle of the day needing a little bit of a lift on your walk through the day, take a listen to this one! You’ll thank me later!

Ty Herndon to produce Kim McAbee

Production on a new 4 Song project for Kim McAbee will begin in 2014 with Ty Herndon as Producer

TY HERNDON, singer/songwriter/producer, talks about his new CD and how he will be Producing the next 4 songs for Kim McAbee.

For Ty’s complete interview click here. Read More ▸

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